2K Games’ Facebook Hacked, Offensive Language Posted To Page

2K Games’ Facebook page was hacked Friday evening. Many of the posts from the hackers contained offensive language. Posts started rolling into the officially verified Facebook account around 7:30 PM PST. 2K Games has published games such as Grand Theft Auto, Bioshock, Borderlands, NBA 2K and WWE 2K.

One of the posts also contained a recently viral ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ joke saying that “he’s in the server chuckling”, followed by #ChucklingSquad, assumed to be connected to the hackers.  Many people found the hack itself to be quite hilarious yet shocking, causing the posts themselves to spread life wildfire.  All ten posts gathered thousands of reactions and shares.  One share in particular reached over 17,000 reactions, much higher than the page’s typical posts.

The story was also picked up by other news networks, including ones that do not typically report on video games such as Fox News 10 in Pheonix.

On one of the posts, a user in the comments claimed to be the hacker with proof on Instagram but further digging didn’t produce any evidence to validate the statement. The hacker(s) seemed to also have access to the WWE 2K page as well. 2K reportedly responded to the heavy.com‘s inquiry stating:

“We are aware that social media accounts across the 2K label have been compromised and offensive material is being posted that does not reflect the values of 2K or our partners,” … “We are actively working to fix this as soon as possible.”

The posts were removed and all seemed to return to normal shortly after the hacking event. And while its never funny to use that kind of language, many people found the shock of the hack to be quite entertaining.

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