Deathloop: The Nine Best Weapons In The Game

Some games are easily forgotten, but not Arkane Studios‘ Deathloop. In fact, it’s one of the best games of 2021 and we are sure that it will be remembered as a masterpiece. The gameplay is awesome, the story is compelling and the graphics are as unique as they are refreshing.

One of the most fun things about Deathloop is the weapons. The weapons in the game have a fantastic feel – the sounds, the recoil, and pretty much everything is spot on. Of course, there are several different categories of weapons ranging from pistols to sniper rifles.

As the game progresses you will find stronger weapons with perks. There are plenty of perks so you won’t be bored trying them all. There are 3 different rarities for weapons as well: Crude, Sleek, and Exemplar. In this article we’ll dive into all the weapons the game has to offer to figure out which ones are the best for badass assassinations.

Deathloop: the best weapons for the job

Echolocation PT-6 Spiker

Well if you’ve ever thought of using a nail gun as a weapon then here is your chance. PT-6 Spiker, just like its name suggests, is good for spiking people with nails. It is silent, deadly, and strong, all in one package. You can use the weapon with a sight and without one.

It is one of the most fun weapons we have seen for some time. You can take down enemies with one headshot with this weapon. It is definitely one of the best weapons in Deathloop. The Echolocation version shoots radar bullets that can tag enemies for added functionality. How cool is that?

The Fourpounder

Instead of something silent, maybe you prefer a hand cannon type of weapon. In that case, we’d suggest the Fourpounder. This one’s a beast, you can’t spray and pray, but it packs a strong punch. As long as you land your shots you will have no problem with most enemies. You can dual wield this beast as well to feel even more badass.

Strelak 50-50

Shotguns are nasty weapons but they have a limited range, well at least in most games. That makes the Strelak 50-50 unique. You can easily pop targets from mid-range with this weapon. It is one of the strongest weapons in the game without a doubt.

The mid-range fights are also very suitable for most of the weapons in the game therefore you can combine it with nearly every weapon available. Fair warning that the reload takes a long time, however, though the drum magazine will have more than enough shells for your opponents.


This little weapon might be unpredictable but the fire rate is insane. If you can land your shots you will melt your opponents easily. But, maybe the best thing you can do is to dual-wield this beauty; more lead down range equals more kills, right? Also, it is one of the most fun weapons to use in Deathloop.

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Strelak Verso

This is the most versatile weapon in the game. You can combine this weapon with a submachine gun and use it with the ‘Snare’ perk. This will allow you to slow down enemies. Shoot the enemy and switch to the SMG to destroy their defenses, then rinse and repeat. The versatility is a blessing since it opens up space in your inventory as you carry one less weapon, which is pretty neat.

Heritage Gun

The Heritage Gun is probably the most fun weapon in Deathloop, and maybe even the best. Do you want a rifle or a shotgun? How about both?  The shotgun is not that strong but effective at close range, while the rifle mode of the weapon is fantastic. Theoretically, you can one-shot kill enemies with this weapon and even if they don’t die just switch to the shotgun and finish them off.

MG-1 Pepper Mill

This gun is your standard assault rifle. However, when you combine it with the ‘Open Wounds’ perk, you will see results in a very short time. This perk damages your enemies over time after you hit them. It is a nasty weapon and very easy to use. You can combine this weapon with many others and the added damage bonus will allow you to kill your opponents very easily.

Sepulchra Bretteira

Well, the holy grail of weapons in Deathloop is certainly the Sepulchra Bretteira. Quite frankly it’s the strongest gun in the game. You can take anything out with this weapon. Funnily enough, the developers felt like it was not strong enough and added a ‘Deep Lung’ perk, which makes it easier for you to land your shots.

However, it does have one drawback. The map itself is not designed for this weapon since the scope is extremely strong, so you will not end up using it that often. But it is quite fun to use regardless.


And finally, yes, the Machete. If you are looking for a weapon that will always be useful, then we suggest getting a good ‘ol machete. This will allow you to disable enemy traps and go for silent kills. The weapon is overpowered since it has a one-hit potential and many players are using it in Deathloop just for that purpose. If you combine it with the Havoc ability, you will be unstoppable. Note that there are some enemies that will require several stabs in order to be killed.

Nice, silent, and especially brutal! For Corvo!


Final Thoughts

The weapons in Deathloop are not generic copies and each one feels different, which makes every weapon a contender for top 1 best gun ever. The sounds and the art style of the weapons are one of a kind. You will not be bored of playing Deathloop. Everything considered, Deathloop is a fantastic journey to the ’60s, combined with a cutting edge gameplay loop (literally).

Honestly, it is one of the best games of Arkane Studios . It is going to be a cult game if they can replicate the success of Dishonored with a second Deathloop game. We suggest that you give it a try and we promise that you will not want to break the loop anytime soon.

Deathloop is currently available on the PlayStation 5 and PC; and if you are in need of some gift cards to buy the game, just get some at the OffGamers site right here.

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