Popular CS:GO Map Dust 2 Just Received A Huge Tweak

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive might be almost a decade old, but that doesn’t prevent Valve from tweaking major parts of the game. With the CS:GO Operation Riptide event, Dust 2 most questionable part finally gets removed from the map; T’s can no longer see CT’s going to B through double doors. Yes, the Russian roulette of going B is finally over.

CS:GO gets Dust 2 overhaul

Many of the more popular CS:GO maps have these rituals that take place every time a round starts. One of the more controversial was always double doors on Dust 2. Counter-Terrorists had to cross the gap of doom to get to B.

Meanwhile the Terrorists could take pot shots at the manically jumping enemies through the crack of the two doors in the center of the map. Or at the very least gather intel as to where the majority of the enemy forces were defending. No more, as the double doors at Dust 2 finally don’t offer no visibility from T-spawn anymore. In a Tweet Valve teased more changes coming to Dust 2, but it’s unclear what we can expect.

Other changes

Along with the Dust 2 tweak, CS:GO received a bunch of other balancing changes that will have a huge impact on the game. For starters, the M4A1-S now does more damage to the body, while the Deagle does less. Dualies are cheaper, and grenades can be dropped for teammates now. Oh, and don’t sleep on the new Short and Long Competitive system. You can now choose to play games that are best of 15 (short) or best of 30 (long). No more 1,5 hour matches if you don’t want to!

Besides the tweaks to existing features, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Operation Riptide also introduces a bunch of new (mostly cosmetic) content to the game. Players can spend their Operation Coin, earned through the in-game battle pass and weekly challenges, on cosmetic rewards of their choice. Operation Riptide is live now and runs until February 20th, 2022.

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