PlayStation 5 Controller Prototype Revealed Through Patent

Sony has submitted a patent, outlining what could very well be the final design of the PlayStation 5 controller. The document, published by the Japanese patent office, shows a controller that is similar to the DualShock 4 controller, with a few notable exceptions.

With the new console generation on our doorstep, we are slowly getting a better idea of what to expect from Microsoft and Sony. In terms of design, the upcoming PlayStation 5 controller (presumably called DualShock 5) will look similar to the previous model. It will however feature slightly smaller thumb sticks, larger triggers , and a revised center pad.

In regards to scrapping some features, the DualShock 5 controller will not have the somewhat iconic triangular light bar on the front side of the controller. Sony also appears to have gotten rid of the awkward Micro-USB connector in favor of a symmetrical USB-C connection. It will additionally feature something even more useful: haptic feedback.

First reported by Wired last October, the next PlayStation controller will feature haptic feedback. And it’s not just the entire controller vibrating like an old tractor running out of gas; the controller is said to feature two little ‘motors’ immersing you further in the game you’re playing. While playing a racing game demo, the journalist describes the controller giving him asymmetrical haptic feedback: “Driving on the border between the track and the dirt, I could feel both surfaces.”

Furthermore, the slightly larger triggers will also feature a form of haptic feedback. In the same article, the writer describes these adaptive triggers as giving you a more realistic sensation when using a bow versus a firearm.

playstation 5 controller

Mock-up by VideoGamesChronicles

So based on all the information that we have on the PlayStation 5 controller, we can safely assume that the console will not be the only element to be next gen. We’re going to control it with a new evolution of the PlayStation 5 controller. Of course, design choices and details are subject to change, as patents are not always representative of the final product.

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  2. You really don’t think that Xbox would drop the price $50 to match? I thought that was what the while point of Phil saying he has been given wiggle room by up high was about, matching the PS5 price point.

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