PS5 Said To Beat Xbox Series X In Almost Every Way

The console wars are bound to begin the next battle anytime soon. A leak surrounding the supposed superior performance of the Sony PlayStation 5 compared to the Microsoft Xbox Series X is sure to spark said war right now.

A Swedish Twitter user by the name of Tidux supposedly has insider information on the hardware of both upcoming consoles (via: GizChina). He concludes that the PS5 will beat or equal the Series X’ performance on almost every front.

He claims that the PS5 will best Microsoft’s upcoming console in terms of RAM, SSD (speed and size), and match its processing power. Only the graphics card (GPU) for the Series X should be (marginanally) better than the one found in the PS5.

The leaker does emphasize that all the information is second hand info, supposedly based on the (final) PS5 dev kit. While he dabbles in leaking gaming-related information regularly, all rumors should obviously be taken with a grain of salt.

For now, we just have to sit tight and wait for both Sony and Microsoft to officially reveal their consoles’ hardware. And that might take a while. Of course, Microsoft has already revealed their upcoming Xbox Series X, but that line-up is said rumored to feature a second console. Meanhile, Sony has only revealed the PS5 logo (and got roasted for it) with no official word on when to expect the full console reveal.

When that information presents itself we will be sure to update our readers on our website and via our booming Facebook page.

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