Modders Tease Their Own Version Of Undead Nightmare 2

Undead Nightmare 2 may still find its way to players thanks to PC modders.

Red Dead Redemption 2 mods have been popping up since the release of Rockstar’s open world western on PC. Modders in the community have been working at their own version of the popular Undead Nightmare for Red Dead Redemption 2.

The DLC that originally launched for the first Red Dead Redemption was beloved by many. RDR2 on PC might get it’s own version of the zombie-infested addition to the game one way or another, albeit not an official story driven one.

A modder collective by the name of RedDeadModders has been teasing what appears to be an Undead Nightmare mod for the last couple months. Most recently they showed two undead-looking character models on Instagram. The first features a weird looking man with a tiny arm and a blackish, undead looking skin. It also appears to be snowing in Saint Denis in the teaser, which is currently impossible in the vanilla game.

The second video features a creepy looking skeleton monster. The character model has two heads (or skulls, in this case) and despite the lack of cartilage, muscles and flesh, it is still able to walk and even punch enemies. Oh well, it’s an undead mod, not a realistic physics mod.

The group of modders started teasing RDR2 PC mods a few weeks ago, starting with some weird zombie textures. They then published pictures of more overhauling type mods in the form of the four horses of the apocalypse which were in fact introduced in the original Undead Nightmare DLC. The modders have also shown many other character models as well as new weapons.

It’s currently unknown just how far the modders are going with their interpretation of the Undead Nightmare spin-off. We might just get a few zombie assets but there’s also plenty of things a skilled modder could do with custom gamemodes. Zombie hoard mode, anyone?

It is however fairly clear that they are in fact working on a derivative of Undead Nightmare, at the very least, based on the fact that they are using an ‘Undead Nightmare’ tag for some mods on their website.

The RedDeadModders were one of the first to publish a graphical addition to Red Dead Redemption 2, as described by Kotaku. Therefore they seem fairly skilled in adjusting the PC version of Rockstar’s smash hit.

Some two months ago weird things started happening in Red Dead Online that seemed to hint at Undead Nightmare 2. While those Easter eggs (or glitches) seem to be related to the passed Halloween event, we may still get Undead Nightmare for Red Dead Redemption 2. As of right now though, that nightmare seems to be crafted by modders and not by official Rockstar devs themselves.

Game Enthusiast has reached out to the group to see if there is any specific information that the group can give us, but we haven’t gotten a response. If we do get a response we will assuredly give an update on what it is exactly they are planning with the whole Undead Nightmare theme.

Stay tuned for more updates on this story as well as more stories from your favorite video game franchises.

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