Red Dead Online And Rainbow Six: Siege Add Halloween Gameplay Event (Updated)

Gamers around the globe are undoubtedly gearing up for the spookiest time of year and many big gaming franchises are fueling the scary vibes with their own unique gameplay events. In this article we will be listing some of the biggest Halloween events going on in gaming right now. We will be updating the list whenever another spine-chilling event goes live. Missing an event for your favorite game? Be sure to let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Legendary Bounties (ends November 4th)

Even though Red Dead veterans were hoping for a sequel to the fantastic Undead Nightmare DLC (as was suggested by some strange sightings in Red Dead Online), at least some of the Western spook has made it’s way to the Online portion of Rockstar’s latest game. The new update introduces a few Halloween-specific items and a new Legendary Bounty.

Red Dead Online’s world is full of weird and shady individuals and Philip Carlier is no exception. After he committed a murder he fled to the swamps of Lagras, where he now awaits only the most resolute bounty hunters. The Legendary Bounty on Carlier will obviously net bounty hunters a nice prize but expect the mission to be a little more dangerous than you’re used to as well.

Besides a  new mission Rockstar has added three creepy Halloween masks so tTraderhat you robbing a bank is an even more psychologically scarring event for all the victims involved in the crime. Players will be able to purchase the Freak Mask and the Swine Mask from Madam Nazar.

Depending on your profession (check this article on how each role benefits you in a unique way) you will also be able to earn a special variant of the Creature Mask, Swine Mask, and Masquerade Mask for respectively the Bounty Hunter, and Collector. Check the full patch notes including XP boosts here.

Rainbow Six Siege: Doktor’s Curse (ends November 6th)

Even fairly realistic tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Siege will have a Halloween event in the form a new PvP mode. Basically five Operators turned Exterminators will be pitted against five monsters (Lesion, Frost, Kapkan, Smoke, and Ela). The objective for the Monster Hunters is to hunt the monsters (duh) while the monsters have to survive a round.

The whole dynamic of the game will shift in Doktor’s Curse because Monster Hunters will only be able to use a set of unique hammers, while the monsters themselves don’t even have a weapon. They have to use traps, momentary invisibility, and faster sprint speed to evade the hunters for the duration of a round.

Of course, no Halloween event is complete without skins and special items. Doktor’s Curse will introduce five scary skins (for the Operators mentioned above) and a bunch of creepy and disgusting weapon skins like the Raw Flesh skins or Skin Suit uniform.

Rocket League: Haunted Hallows (ends November 11th)

While Rocket League is by no means a scary game, it still features a very interesting Halloween event: a cross-over with Netflix Original Stranger Things. The retro thriller does lend itself to some unique skins, vehicles and of course a spooky new arena in the style of Stranger Tings.

Haunted Hallows features some references to the TV-show, as well as neon outfitted tires, rocket boosts and headlights. If you’re not that big a fan of neon stuff, then some autumn leaf decals and accessories are also an option. And to top things off, while playing in a nice stadium with serene barns in the background is part of the event, there’s also a fair chance that you’ll visit the dreaded Upside Down from the TV-show. That means eerie mist, reddish thunder and a giant Demogorgon lurking in the distance.

Apex Legends: Fight or Fright (ends November 5th)

With the latest season live for about 3 weeks now, fans of Apex Legends are sure to be excited (and pretty scared) that there is another content update this soon. For the duration of the event, gamers will be able to fight a spookified version of the ‘old’ map King’s Canyon. There, a battle will ensue where players will either play a regular Apex character, or a zombie version of those characters named Shadows. The zombies are then tasked to kill all living Legends, with the Legends working together to fend off the horde.

Oh, and don’t forget about all the spooky character skins like scarecrow Bloodhound, freaky clown Caustic and Frankenstein’s monster Gibraltar!

Overwatch: Halloween Terror 2019 (ends November 4th)

Blizzard may be in over their heads in terms of political uproar, but at least the company released another awesome Overwatch Halloween event. This reoccurring event has been frightening players  every year since the game’s launch in 2016. The competitive shooter is always graced with diverse skins for some of its characters, while almost every different ‘main’ will be rewarded with new voice lines, emotes, and sprays for their favorite character.

While new cosmetics are always the main focus of Overwatch events, the evil Doctor Junkenstein (the Halloween version of Overwatch character Junkrat) is also back at it with his deadly contraptions. Players can once again play a timed co-op mode that pits a group of four against the villain and his minions.

Hearthstone: Doom in the Tomb (ends October 30th)

Blizzard’s other huge title, deck builder game Hearthstone (that is soon to be contested as most popular in it’s sub-genre by a League of Legends spin-off), is also no stranger to holiday events. Doom in the Tomb enables all types of new gameplay, with the usual Tavern Brawl giving players a unique game mode to explore every week.

Also, plenty of old cards have been re-introduced to the Standard set of cards (check this blogpost for a full list) and players will be able to earn special awards like Halloween themed card packs, portraits and individual cards.To top things off, there’s also a new mechanic introduced in the competitive Arena mode where players can mix and match Heroes and their Hero abilities to create unique combinations.

We will continue to update this article through Halloween as other games release Halloween events. Be sure to check back through the rest of the month to see what other events pop up.


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