Thousands Of Modern Warfare Players Are Being Banned For No Reason

Banned from Modern Warfare and not sure exactly what you did to deserve a ban? You’re not alone. Not by a long shot. Thousands of players reported being banned for no apparent reason. The topic came to our attention after one of our very own Game Enthusiast employees got the ban hammer. After both of us returned from the game crashing, he returns to a screen much like the one here.

The error message explained that he had been banned. Once we looked into the issue a bit more, we realized that this has been an issue for many others in the recent weeks. And Activision has yet to address the massive number of bans that many are claiming are absolutely unwarranted. And as for Dustin, the Game Enthusiast employee who I was playing with, I know for certain he is not cheating or being toxic. If he is cheating or hacking, he’s not very good at it because we both are pretty average when it comes to shooters. Joking aside, I can attest that he was banned from Modern Warfare by mistake.

Has Activision cracked down too hard?

Activision has had quite a difficult time managing the abundance of cheaters in both Modern Warfare and Warzone. But has the latest ban wave over stepped its parameters? Many think it has, especially those behind the petition that over 15,000 people have signed. The petition’s mission is to hold Activision accountable for the long list of players that have been banned from Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Other players took to Activision’s Twitter account to express their frustrations. Still no word officially from Activision or Infinity Ward.

Is there any way out of a ban?

As of right now, there is no fix when you are banned by mistake. Many people in that situation have posted to Activision’s support page in hopes of getting the ban reversed or at the very least getting a reason for their ban. Additionally, actual cheaters that were banned could use this as an opportunity to claim they were mistakenly banned too. In other words, it’s hard to prove if these people are telling the truth on the forum. All we know is that our banned colleague definitely wasn’t cheating! But apart from him, we have no way of actually verifying this story. It is however quite strange to see so many reports pop up over the last couple of days.

Whatever the case, as more players get banned, and the issue receives more of the spotlight, we are hopeful that Activision or Infinity Ward will step up and right their wrong to the wrongfully banned people from Modern Warfare and Warzone As of right now there hasn’t been any communication from any reputable source controlling the bans. When we get more information we will be sure to share it with our viewers.

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