Undead Nightmare 2 Mods Are Here For RDR2 And They Look Amazing

Undead Nightmare 2 is finally here… sort of. Last week we reported that a Red Dead Redemption 2 modding group was working on zombie character models but it seems that another group has beat them to the punch. In fact, there are two zombie-style mods to choose from. And yes, they scratch that highly specific western zombie-itch we’ve been having for quite some time.

Yesterday Polygon wrote an article on a what seems to be the most promising RDR 2 Undead Nightmare mod out there right now. Although not yet available, the video shows many distinct features we’d want from a zombie mod for RDR 2. The horde behavior for example, seems to be well implemented. There are also multiple character models of the undead running around, and the zombies are deadly when they’re in a horde.

Most notably though, the living humans in Valentine, Strawberry, and Saint Denis seem to realistically respond to the undead horde. The mod shown below seems very polished in that regard. Humans fend off zombies while frantically trying to run away. More importantly, when you draw your six-shooters and dome multiple freaks, the sheriff doesn’t register it as murder. A minor detail, but an important one.

That becomes apparent when you check out another zombie apocalypse mod called  gopro_2027’s Playground, shown below. While the character models also seem nice, the immersion of the mod is broken when Arthur pulls out a machete and starts slashing. The Annesburg law immediately starts shooting you, even though you just rid the world of another undead monster.

The general behavior of said zombies also isn’t that immersive. It’s clear that these zombies are just NPC’s programmed to fight Arthur with their fists. Some zombies even attack each other!

Nonetheless, both mods give us a little bite-sized portion of what many of us crave: a fully fledged Red Dead Redemption 2: Undead Nightmare 2 DLC. If that’s ever going to legitimately happen remains to be seen. We haven’t received any word from Rockstar that Undead Nightmare 2 is in development. So far the only thing pointing towards a zombie infested west is some zombie stuff spotted in RDR2 Online last September.

Thus far the first Undead Nightmare 2 mod featured in this article doesn’t seem to be available quite yet, with the video referring to the official RDR2 Modding Discord server. Apparently modders from that community saddled up together and made the mod reality. The release date of the mod is unknown. The Playground mod can be downloaded via the NexusMods website.

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