Modern Warfare Update 1.10: SCAR Nerfed, Gun Game Added

Modern Warfare update 1.10 is now live and has a lot of adjustments.  We got news of the update via Infinity Ward’s Senior Communications Manager Ashton Williams.  She tweeted the announcement of the update in the early morning hours Friday on Twitter.  While you can read the full patch notes here, we’ve picked out some of the points that we found to be the most interesting:


  •  Footsteps: Adjusted volume and sound type played for crouch walk and walking while Aiming Down Sights
  • Shortened the amount of time an execution animation plays
  • Fixes for various exploits across all maps and modes

Progression/Challenges/Missions Fixes

  • Cleaned up and updated descriptions for various challenges
  • Officer Challenge: “Heads Up” 
  • “Destroy Vehicles with Launchers”
  • “Doing Work”
  • “Aggression” 
  • “Expert Gunsmith” 
  • “One Trick Pony”


  • Spotter: perk was not marking equipment, Field Upgrades, or Killstreaks through walls in FFA. Fix for Spotter perk not marking UAVs and slightly brightened outlines
  • E.O.D: Fix for players losing HUD elements after hacking an enemy claymore in certain scenarios
  • Fix for the “Quick Fix” perk not giving faster regeneration when earning kills with the throwing knife. 
  • Fix for the “Amped” perk not stowing the Riot Shield as quickly as it should


  • FN SCAR 17: slight increase in ADS time, reduction to barrel and bipod grip penalties
  • Thermal scopes are now able to see through smoke grenades
  • Fixed an issue where the P90 + FFS Ring Sight would create a scope glint

What’s New

  • Special Operations: “Harbinger” and “Brimstone”
  • Classic Special Operations: “Door Kick”, 3 Star Rating System and Rewards
    • 3-star rating system (based on time completed)
    • XP & MP unlocks based on your star rating after finishing a game.
  • Multiplayer:
    • Realism Moshpit (Domination, Hardpoint, Headquarters, Kill Confirmed)
    • Gun Game

Many players have been upset with the skill based matchmaking in games, so the recent was hoped to alleviate some of that frustration in the community. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like developers addressed this issue in this most recent update.

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