Superstar Streamer Shroud Leaves Twitch, Joins Mixer Exclusively

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is the latest Twitch streamer with massive popularity to abandon the streaming platform with a switch to Microsoft owned streaming platform Mixer.

The former professional CS:GO player made the announcement Thursday on Twitter. Shroud is the second megastar streamer to join Mixer, following the massively popular streamer, Ninja, who announced his switch in August.

Ninja left Twitch in a surprise move to stream exclusively on Mixer earlier this year, and shocked many in the streaming and gaming industry. Both Grzesiek and Blevins are two of the gaming world’s most watched streamers, both getting their professional streaming start through Twitch after retiring from professional gaming. Ninja tweeted, commenting on Shroud’s move on Twitter, calling it a “massive move for the platform and the streaming industry.”

While the move may come as a surprise to many, Mixer has obviously been going after big name streamers to stream exclusively on Mixer.  And whether these streamers are signing massive deals, or if the publicity itself of such moves are enough to spark even more popularity for the already massive streamers, one thing is for sure, Shroud’s move to Mixer is a huge deal for the streaming community.

With other massive streamers such as DrDisrespect and timthetatman, many are wondering if other big moves could be in the works later on.  Whatever the case, we wish Shroud the best on his new platform and will be reporting on any further moves in the streaming community.

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