Frustrated Gamer Buys ‘Fallout First’ Domain To Troll Bethesda

A frustrated gamer has bought a very specific domain right out from under the noses of Fallout 76 developer Bethesda.  David Chapman of Indiana bought the domain in response to the recent announcement by Bethesda that the developer would be introducing a steep yearly subscription to online Fallout gameplay called ‘Fallout First’.

In response to this announcement, Chapman quickly got on the internet and snagged the domain and filled the site with parody explanations of the site.  Some examples of the parody include “1,650 Microtransaction Points To Pad My Bottom Line” and “This Stupid Ass Membership” where it goes on to say “ can purchase a yearly cash burning pile for a 36% discount”

An expletive-laden rant about the new Fallout 1st subscription. Transcription: As a slave of Fallout EXPLETIVE 1st, you also pay for access to your own private Scrapbox. Use the Scrapbox to store all your crafting components so they aren't taking up space in your Stash Box (Yay pay to win systems!). The Scrapbox has unlimited storage (WAIT WTF SERIOUSLY), so no need to worry about picking and choosing when it comes to hoarding scrap. (I am actually really starting to get EXPLETIVE the more I read this EXPLETIVE)
Chapman’s rendition of Bethesda’s press statement on Fallout 1st –

In a report by the BBC, Chapman says that if Bethesda approaches him about the domain he would gladly hand it over but under one condition:  He says he wants to sit down and talk to Bethesda about their actions. Here’s what he said:

“I would like to sit down with [Fallout creator] Todd Howard and have a constructive discussion about Fallout 1st,” he said. “I care about their games and the direction they are heading.

“I would love to be the mediator between Bethesda and the gaming community.”

Whether you agree with this frustrated gamer’s actions, one thing is for sure, the community is not happy with the recent announcement from Bethesda.  Especially with reports of private servers not actually being private and scrap boxes deleting scrap.  Things are sure to continue with the Fallout 1st debacle and as always we will be there to report on it.

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One thought on “Frustrated Gamer Buys ‘Fallout First’ Domain To Troll Bethesda

  1. This is just another example of gamers standing up to these shitty big developer/publisher tricks to suck the money out of our pockets without delivering a solid piece of art in return. As we continue down this road I’m sure many of the big names in the industry will either have to change their ways or see their stock prices plummet. All the best to this dude for not asking for money. You can make a lot of cash with selling domain names back to big companies. Instead, he chooses to influence the direction a game is taking because he’s passionate about a project. This guy is a hero

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