Here’s Everything We Know About Overwatch 2

Blizzard Entertainment is said to be announcing Overwatch 2 at the next BlizzCon, starting November 1st. And while Blizzard is trying to shake off it’s political controversy, Overwatch-fans are possibly quite excited for a sequel to the beloved 2016 game. But Overwatch 2 might not be a sequel in the traditional sense of the word. Here’s everything we know about Overwatch 2.

Based on documents addressed to staff of the upcoming BlizzCon event (obtained by ESPN), Blizzard is planning to release a sequel to 2016’s character based competitive shooter Overwatch. Fans may either be delighted  or disappointed that Overwatch 2 will not be like the first one.

Instead, the game is said to be more like an expansion to the first Overwatch, rather than a fully fledged sequel. The game will focus on PvE elements and will feature more story driven content. Thus far, players had to get most the lore from digital comics, animated shorts and in-game clue’s and the rich Overwatch universe might translate well to a story driven game. This suggests the game will focus more on a co-op experience instead of the usual 6v6 competitive modes.

In that regard the description sounds a lot like Overwatch’ diverse set of events, like the current Halloween-event. Players band together (usually up to four) to fight A.I.-controller enemies in a mild story scenario.

Speaking about modes, many veterans will be delighted that a new mode called ‘Push’ will make it’s way to the sequel. Since the first beta of Overwatch there have been the same 4 game modes: Assault, Control, Escort and Hybrid. What exactly it is we can expect from Push is still unclear, apart from it taking place on a new map called Toronto.

Apart from that, it’s very likely that new heroes, maps and features will make their way to the game, but to what extent they’ll be replacing the first competitive shooter has yet to be seen. As stated, BlizzCon will launch just a few days from now and attendees will likely get a chance to play Overwatch 2 themselves.

Be sure to keep an eye on Game Enthusiast as the story unfolds. We will report on any Overwatch 2 news when Blizzard announces it. Are you excited to get a new Overwatch or would you rather keep playing the original game? Let us know in the comments below and for everything Blizzard, be sure to check out this page where you can find all the news related to the American publisher.

Image Credit: ESPN

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