Report: PUBG 2 Takes The Realism Route, Is Currently In Development

PUBG 2 is apparently in development, leaker PlayerIGN said on Twitter. The game is said to focus on realism, not a futuristic setting, and is being developed by an unnamed studio of South Korean company Krafton, the holding company responsible for the first PUBG.


PlayerIGN cites sources from inside the company, but it’s hard to confirm the existence of a sequel to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. According to his sources, the game is indeed in development. As opposed to the futuristic PUBG mobile spin-off New State, PUBG 2 apparently focusses on realism.

What that means exactly is up for debate. The initial battle royale game features frying pans as a weapon and armor, which isn’t really realistic. Next to Fortnite, PUBG is an approximation of reality though. What the leaker assumedly means, is that the next installment in the battle royale franchise takes place in a current-day world. The leaker also says that the game will again focus on the battle royale subgenre. It won’t branch out into singleplayer or other game modes.

Who wants a sequel?

It’s however hard to believe that Krafton, Bluehole or other companies tied to PUBG would want to spend a single dime on a sequel. PUBG is still one of the most popular games on Steam; hundreds of thousands of people play the game according to SteamCharts. The mobile spin-off is said to rake in stacks of cash too. What could a sequel possibly have to offer?

While there is no leak confirming this, we’d bet PUBG 2 is still years away from being released, given that the current games in the franchise do amazing already. That gives Krafton plenty of time to really innovate the genre. I mean, gamers probably expect a lot from the actual OG of the dominating battle royale sub genre.

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