Five Of The Most Promising Indie Games Releasing in 2021

There’s nothing better than finding that diamond in the rough game that you can tell your friends about. Indie studios are popping up left and right, giving us more games to play. Although the year is already a third of the way through, there’s still a lot to look forward to. Here are some of the most hyped, exciting and promising indie games coming out in 2021.


Release Date: November 2021
Platform: PC

Vasai Games is the developer of the narrative cooking game, Venba. You play as an Indian mom who immigrates to Canada in the 1980s with her family, you cook all kinds of dishes and bring back lost recipes as you go. The developer has described the game to tell a story of “family, love and loss”.


Release Date: TBA 2021
Platform: PC, PS5

Scavenger Studios is the developer of Season and was announced during The Game Awards 2020. Set in a “surreal version of the mid-twentieth century”, you explore through the eyes of a young woman who leaves a secluded community for the very first time. The developer says you  “experience the final moments of different cultures before they disappear” through the game.

Open Roads

Release Date: TBA 2021
Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Open Roads is another game announced at the Game Awards 2020. The developer is Fullbright, which have 2 other successful indie games on their resume, Tacoma and Gone Home. Open Roads follows the story of Tess Devine and her mother Opal, who set out on a road trip. They set out to learn about their family’s dark secrets and mysteries after they discover a cache of old documents hidden in their house’s attic.

Sons of the Forest

Release Date: TBA 2021
Platform: PC (console version not yet announced)

Sons of the Forest, developed by Endnight Games, is the highly anticipated sequel to The Forest. As of yet, there is very little known about the story to the already mysterious sequel. In The Forest, you survived a plane crash that landed on an island of cannibalistic mutants. You decided how you survived with crafting resources while searching for your missing son.


Release Date: December 2021
Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch

Dordogne is the debut game from French studio Un Je Ne Sais Quoi. You take on the role of a 32-year-old woman called Mimi who visits the home of her grandmother who has recently passed away. By finding letters and solving puzzles left behind by her grandmother, Mimi immerses herself in the memories of her childhood and reconnects with the girl she once was.

Honorable Mentions

These are just a few highly anticipated indie games coming out in 2021 as there are way too many to mention. Here’s a few other games to keep an eye on this year:

She Dreams Elsewhere
The Magnificent Trufflepigs

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