Patent: Share Your Custom Call of Duty Weapon Builds On Social Media

Since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) Activision stepped it up with the weapon customization,  you might soon be sharing your builds on social media, a leaked patent suggests. Sure, the Gunsmith feature lends itself nicely to Loadout guides we like to write. But sharing your favorite (or abominable) creations on Facebook or Twitter takes it to a whole new level.

Patent: Sharing custom weapon builds in Call of Duty

GameRant spotted a patent that was filed under the name of David Vonderhaar, a dev at Treyarch. That suggests it is indeed related to the Call of Duty franchise. Though it doesn’t mention Gunsmith, Modern Warfare, or Gunsmith directly, it does mention the Call of Duty franchise a couple of times.

The patent gives a glimpse of what appears to be a Call of Duty customized weapon build sharing feature for social media. It describes the patented part of the concept:

A computer-implemented method of creating and sharing a customized video game weapon configuration in a gameplay session of a multiplayer video game via at least one social network

How it works

If the patented concept ever gets implemented, players can customize a gun, name it, and share it through social media. The patent gives a fun little example of what one could name a build: Frank’s Pain Inflictor.

Other players can subsequently see the statistics of a build and even download it. So essentially, you can download your friends’ or favorite streamer’s loadout through social media.

As of writing, it’s unclear whether Activision actually plans on implementing the feature. So until then, we’ve got your back with Loadout guides you can ‘manually’ upload into your game.

Image credit of my sexy M4 build: Activision

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