How To Create The Best Custom Class In Warzone

The first time I jumped into a round of battle royale in Warzone, I was hooked. I had always dreamed of a massive multiplayer style shooter, and when battle royale’s took over the scene I waited patiently for Infinity Ward (my personal favorite COD developer) to take a crack at the game mode. But somewhere early into my venture into Warzone, I realized that the type of classes that I had always used with a typical Call of Duty’s weren’t cutting it. And I realized that to be successful in this particular battle royale, I was going to have to put some more thought into my class building. So without further ado, here is how to create the best custom class for Warzone.

Now before we get started, this guide is NOT intended to give you a specific class and say “This is the best class”, but rather, this guide is intended to get you into the mindset of creative class building to create more useful custom classes to scoop up with your Loadout Drop’s.


Let’s get started with Perks. Mainly because what I consider to be the utmost important perk of ANY class is Overkill. Overkill gives you the ability to carry two primary weapons. And while we will get into weapons pretty heavily in the next section, just the fact of having double the firepower is crucial to making it further into rounds of battle royale. Other perks that you should consider are Cold Blooded (undetectable by thermals), High Alert (pulses your vision when aimed at), Ghost (undetectable by UAV, heartbeat sensor, radar drones), Tune Up (reduce revive time by 25%), and Tracker (see enemy footprints).

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As I mentioned earlier, the typical classes that I typically ran in Call of Duty’s have always been geared towards the ol’ Run-N-Gun playstyle. These types of classes will not carry you to a victory in Warzone. Not saying it isn’t possible, but if you haven’t found out already, people will take shots at you LONG before you see them. So while those run and gun classes can assuredly do their job – especially up close – we are again going for maximum overall practicality with our classes in Warzone.

So lets get to it. Weapons are obviously the biggest source of advantage for players. If you have a totally decked out, badass custom class and the other guy has a 725 shotgun, you have an obvious advantage. But we all are that guy with the 725 at some point, and that advantage can be frustrating when you’re on the receiving end of said badass. But our breakdown of what weapons should again be subjective, do what feels right to you but take what we say only as a suggestion.

The main types of weapons you should focus on using are Assault Rifles, Submachine Gun’s, and Sniper Rifle’s. That’s it. You want to think of your weapon selection in terms of range. You want to be able to cover a large range effectively and accurately. Hence why we say that the Overkill perk is the most important part to a class build. So you want to have one of your weapons to have at least a 4x scope on it with the other weapon being fitted for short to mid range. I personally run a Sniper Rifle with a variable zoom scope and an SMG with a red dot. I’m able to bounce between long range and be up close and personal in a split second.

Some of the weapon’s we like most for Warzone are the M4A1, FR 5.56, Oden, AUG, P90, MP7, and the AX-50.

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Also important are attachments. And this is where I will be specific in saying you NEED something on your Warzone class. And that something would be a Thermal Scope. As much as it pains me to admit, the Thermal Scope is almost necessary to any class in Warzone. Thermal Scopes give you a huge advantage over other players, particularly at a longer distance. You can use the scope as a sort of scanner to see where enemies are,  which way they look, etc. It isn’t meta for nothing. I would highly recommend using one if you are not already.

Other attachments that are important to making the best class for Warzone are the ones that reduce ADS speed (Aim down sights). There are many different combinations you can do to reach a really nice balance between ADS speed, recoil reduction, damage range, etc. But my main focus is trying to limit the amount of ADS speed reduction as much as possible. The split seconds you may save could mean the difference between you winning that firefight or being sent to the Gulag.

If you’re looking for a breakdown of weapon damage for weapons on Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone, check out this guide from Rock Paper Shotgun.


Equipment is a tricky one because your equipment can change a lot during the game with certain scenario’s but the only lethal equipment I don’t recommend using is the Throwing Knife. While it is really satisfying  to land those Throwing Knife kills, other lethal equipment can serve as a deterrent and buy you crucial escape time or give the little extra bit of pressure you may need to force a team out of a location. Any lethal equipment is fine. But as for tactical equipment, the Heartbeat Sensor is fantastic. Using the Heartbeat Sensor allows you to see if players are nearby and can give you an early edge, assuming that the other team isn’t using the Ghost perk!

Get creative

Another tip I’d like to mention is the use of multiple custom classes to add even more efficiency to your loadout. For example, when you hit your first Loadout Drop, you pick your class with Overkill. But when you purchase or come across your second Loadout Drop, consider having a second class to switch out your Overkill perk for High Alert. This allows you to have High Alert AND pick up your two primary weapons that you just dropped from your first Loadout Drop. Giving you an even larger advantage.

While this has been our own breakdown of what we consider the best custom class for Warzone, ultimately its up to you. Some people may dominate with a Bizon and a .50 cal pistol. Other’s may not even know how to make a class. Either way, we hope this guide helped you figure out how to get the most out of your custom classes in Warzone.

And if you just so happen to be that person looking for a specific class, here’s our favorite custom class for Warzone:

best custom class for warzone


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