This $1900 Death Stranding Jacket Sold Out Immediately

If you were planning on purchasing Death Stranding memorabilia, you might want to hurry it up a bit. Acronym and Kojima Productions recently released Death Stranding-themed jacket sold out almost instantly. Sadly though, it does not include a baby pod or the cases. Despite that (not to mention the absurd $1,900 price tag) fans apparently still really wanted it.

Sam’s Jacket

Death Stranding captivated everyone in the late summer of 2019. The jacket channels the popularity of the game, referencing the apparel worn by the main character, Sam Porter Bridges (played by Norman Reedus). It features the navy blue color of Sam’s jacket, as well as some in-game logos and a bright yellow pocket on the front side. That, of course, is referencing the baby pod Sam wears throughout part of Death Stranding.

Baby not included

But contrary to much of the press material, the baby pod isn’t actually included. It’s just the jacket. For almost $1,800 you might expect a little bit extra, but you would be in for a disappointment. Granted, the ‘regular’ jacket that this iteration is based on, the J1A-GT, already costs $1,400. And it is a limited edition with a unique color scheme and the baby pod-reference. Still, how much do we have to pay for a weird talking fetus in a jar on our jacket?!

Death Stranding came out in November of 2019 to varying reviews. Some called it a masterpiece (and it did win multiple Game Awards), others a boring walking simulator. The trippy interactive movie was confusingly described by creator Kojima as a Strand Game (Social Strand System). That perfectly encapsulates the game: it’s unlike anything else.

Just like the jacket. We don’t know exactly how many were produced, but it couldn’t have been that much. And so, if you actually own one, you may be just as unique as the Strand Game itself. No word on when (if ever) the jackets will be restocked.

Image credit: Acronym

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