Warzone Tortures Cheaters By Forcing Them To Play Together

Infinity Ward is tackling the rampant Call of Duty: Warzone cheater problem. Quite creatively, we might add. When the game suspects a player of cheating, it now gives them a delightful taste of their own medicine. Suspected cheaters in Warzone will now be put into a match together. Let them burn!

Cheaters cheated

Warzone developer Infinity Ward announced on Twitter that new measures have been taken to punish cheaters. The last couple of weeks, console players have been opting out of cross-play specifically because of cheaters on PC. Infinity Ward claims they already banned more than 70,000 cheaters, but it’s taken on a new strategy.

As described in the Tweet, suspected cheaters will now be put into a match together. That way, the naughty tricksters drop like flies as all of them are snapping onto each other’s heads. We would probably pay money to spectate their games. And we’d pay extra to hear the frustrated screams of the cheaters as they die to an aimbotter.

Report function

This wonderful torture method is also being applied in Apex Legends and that is allegedly working very well. Funnily enough, one of the more basic anti-cheat systems isn’t in place yet. The company announces a new report-a-player feature coming soon. That way, when spectating a suspected cheaters, killed players can report them if they see suspicious behavior from the killer’s perspective.

Is it watertight?

Warzone-fans will have to wait and see if the new system actually works. Moreover, how rigorous are the new measures? Let’s say you’re kicking ass, easily dropping dudes left, right, and center. Would Warzone mark you as a cheater then? Or what if you’re wrongfully reported a few times? And if you are unjustly flagged as a cheater, how long will you have to be tortured for; is the cheater purgatory temporary or permanent?

Additional security updates have also been deployed. After all, torturing cheaters is fun and all. Yet banning them as to save bandwidth and server space is objectively a lot better. On the other hand, maybe teaching them a lesson and possibly converting them to the good side is better. What do you think? Join the conversation with our vibrant community on Facebook.

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