Apex Legends Leaks Suggest Titanfall Veteran Blisk As New Legend

Apex Legends might finally receive a little Titanfall flair, based on a Legend that leaked recently. As MP1ST reports, multiple Twitter-users posted what seem to be screenshots of a highly detailed video. It showcases Blisk, an old Titanfall veteran, that brings some franchise-specific abilities to Apex Legends. And an actual Titan, of course.

Apex Legends Titanfall character leaked

Reports show Blisk wreaking havoc with an actual Titan. The giant mechs were a central part of the Titanfall franchise. As was wall running, which is the Passive ability of Blisk. The character himself was a big part of Respawn’s original shooter franchise lore. Furthermore, according to the Titanfall wiki, as leader of the Apex Predators, Blisk eventually started the Apex Games. Sound familiar?

So apparently Blisk can call a Titan to the battlefield as his Ultimate. Apart from wall running, Blisk can hack Survey Beacons, just like Bloodhound and Pathfinder do. His Tactical ability involves a ‘damaging ring’ of some sort, possibly similar the Chaos Theory Ring Fury addition. It’s likely that players can counter Blisk’s Tactical with the recently added Heat Shields.

How reliable is the information?

Of course, all the leaked information is to be taken with a grain of salt. While Apex Legends takes place in the same universe as Titanfall, we’ve got no guarantee that Respawn wants to combine the games in any way. Additionally, the screenshot that shows his abilities has ‘season 7’ on it, so Respawn might have scrapped the character in the meantime.

That being said, we’ve seen a whole slew of Apex characters leaked before (Blisk was even one of them). Many of the characters from that article have found their way to the game, either exactly like the leaks suggested, or with different appearances, abilities and/or names. So it wouldn’t be the first time that leaks signaled the introduction of new Legends.

Whatever the case, Apex Legends just saw the addition of Fuse to the game, so even if Blisk and his Titan are incoming, we have to stand by for Titanfall at least until the end of Season 8. As of writing, that would be at least another month.

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