Apex Legends’ Chaos Theory Event Fixes The Lack Of Solo Queue

The Apex Legends Chaos Theory Event not only introduces a bunch of new content, but also the solo queue. While not the most ground breaking feature, it fixes what could arguably be described as the game’s biggest annoyance; brave (or foolish, depending on who you ask) solo players that abandon their team.

Apex Legends adds solo queue

With the addition of the solo queue, Apex Legends players can choose to partake in the battle royale without any teammates. Note that they’re still fighting in Duo or Squad servers. They just opt in to not fill up their squad with teammates. According to developer Respawn Entertainment, there’s plenty of reasons as to why someone would want to go in solo.

  • Focus on completing Daily and Weekly challenges
  • Warm up, drop hot, and get into lots of fights
  • Challenge yourself
  • Experience the latest lore teaser on your own
  • Explore the map and experiment with characters

Of course, players are free to play however they feel like and the solo queue enables that. But as a team player (playing with randoms), there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a teammate go off on their own, inevitably die in a 1v3, and disconnect, leaving you and one other teammate at an objective disadvantage. So the solo queue should theoretically finally weed out the people that do not want to cooperate. And full squads can take a nice steaming dump on them in the process!

Chaos Theory

The solo queue is part of Apex Legends’ upcoming Collection Event update, called Chaos Theory. The event centers around our favorite toxic gamer, Caustic. He’s taken over Water Treatment and turned it into a green, nasty gas factory. It’s so nasty, it killed Mirage’s party vibes and spooked his party boat.

The event also introduces a bunch of new skins (weapon and Legend) and an Heirloom for Bangalore. Those can be acquired through an event-specific battlepass that is free for everyone.

Lastly, Apex Legends season 8 introduces a new limited time mode called Ring Fury. It’s mostly like the regular BR-mode, but with sporadic mini-rings appearing on the map. They do as much damage as the ring normally would. You can counteract ring damage with the new Heat Shield. This gadget produces a dome that protects you from the ring temporarily ànd the use of healing items goes 50% faster and the speed of Reviving is increased by 25%.

The Heat Shield goes into a new equipment slot, called Survival Slot. It currently either holds the Mobile Respawn Beacon or the Heat Shield. The latter will remain in the game, even after the event is over.

Apex Legends Season 8’s Chaos Theory Collection Event, along with the Heat Shield and solo queuing, launches March 9thand runs until March 23rd. Meanwhile the game is booming on Steam. Read all about the recent record here.

Image credit: RespawnEntertainment/ElectronicArts

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