Escaped Prisoner Gets Caught While Trying To Buy Call of Duty (Video)

An escaped prisoner from the UK recently got caught while out to purchase a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Kotaku reported on the silly incident while the arresting officers captured the unique turn of events on camera. Let’s just say, we’re highly dedicated gamers here at Game Enthusiast. But we wouldn’t risk 17 years in the Gulag prison for the latest Call of Duty… It’s not that good.

Call of Duty: Wanted Prisoner

  1. According to the report, Clint Butler was strolling around a shopping center with a friend in the midst of a lockdown. West Midlands police officers noticed Butler make a U-turn as soon as he saw the cops. Suspicious of his behavior, the officers questioned Butler and his friend as to why they were out and about during lockdown. Their answer? They wanted to go out and purchase Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Although we’re not familiar with the COVID-laws in the UK, we’re pretty sure ‘purchasing Call of Duty’ isn’t a good excuse to go out. Especially given it’s quite easy to purchase said game online anyways.

After being asked for I.D., the suspect kicked one of the officers in the groin and tried to make a run for it. Sadly, he confused his physical abilities with those of Captain Price and Soap; he mashed the sprint-button so hard, he fell down immediately. The officers then took the Call of Duty-craving prisoner into custody.

Butler was serving 17 years for robbery and ‘firearms offenses’. Additionally, he received another 13 months for his jailbreak and 6 months for the assault of a police officer. He escaped prison late last year and was in hiding for months.

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