Infinity Ward Devs Confirm Multiple Years Of Long Term Plans For Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone recently amassed 100 million players, so it’s fair to say the game is a smash hit. Not surprisingly, the developers behind the battle royale spin-off revealed they have some big long term plans for Warzone. Apparently, there are ideas for the game for “several years” in advance. Of course, the devs didn’t reveal anything concrete, but it’s fairly safe to assume they’ll only nuke Verdansk once, right?

Warzone devs’ long term plans

In an interview with the Washington Post, Infinity Ward’s co-studio heads Patrick Kelly and Dave Stohl talk about the development of Warzone. It would surprise no one that developing a huge entertainment product like Warzone isn’t something that happens overnight. At the tail-end of the interview, they give fans some insight into how far ahead they’re actually planning big events like the Season 2 finale.

Some things we want to do mode wise, geo wise, they take more time.” So they naturally need to slot in later. But we do think about this on a multiyear basis. And I will tell you this: We’re doing our damnedest right now, to top [what’s come before].

Of course, details on what exactly we can expect are scarce. All we know is Season 2 is about to end. Thanks to an in-game glitch, we know exactly what’s going to happen tonight (as of writing). Officially though, the Warzone team has kept quiet completely, so we can expect the same for the coming years. I guess we just have to log in for at least a couple of years to find out?!

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