Warzone Players Are Turning Into Zombies Themselves!

Call of Duty: Warzone players are turning into zombies themselves, multiple sources report. The build-up of this season’s zombie storyline might have been slow, but it’s definitely taking off in unexpected ways now. YouTuber JackFrags showcases the mechanic in a Twitter post; after dying in a new radiation zone, he becomes a zombie himself. What’s going on?

Warzone players turning into zombies

Zombies now occupy many spots in Verdansk and the initial zones where the undead were spotted, are now irradiated. That radiation does damage to players. But when they do die in said zones, the craziest thing happens: Warzone players are actually turning into zombies themselves. They can run around like undead lunatics and tear other players to shreds.

As with the Halloween event last year, zombiefied players have a few special tools at their disposal. They can do a charged jump, they have gas grenades, and they have the ability to launch an EMP. Zombies are also quite quick and apparently see everyone on their mini-map. They do however do very little damage with their wild, erratic swings.

How to become a zombie

Note that this game within a game only works if at least one player of a squad is still alive (in human form). If everyone dies, the game is over like usual. If you die in a solo match, it’s also game over. If you die outside of a radiation zone, you just go to the Gulag. Only when you die by the actual radiation, you respawn as a zombie. As of writing, it’s unclear what happens when the last living team mate dies while you’re a zombie.

Whatever the case, Warzone is slowly turning a corner at the tail-end of Season 2. Many fans argued that the progression of the in-universe outbreak wasn’t going fast enough. Finally, something is happening and it’s big. Warzone Season 2 ends on April 21st, most likely with nukes blasting much of Verdansk back to the stone age.

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