Splinter Cell Anime Series Produced By John Wick Writer Headed to Netflix

The next video game adaptation on the horizon has Netflix and Ubisoft teaming together for an anime series based off the Splinter Cell franchise, according to an exclusive article from Variety.

Video game adaptations seem to be the new hotness when it comes to Hollywood and streaming services. As previously reported, Amazon Studios is working on a Fallout TV series, HBO has a The Last of Us series in development, and Netflix is eyeing a series based on the Resident Evil games.

Revisiting Splinter Cell

If you never played any of the award-winning stealth based video games, here’s a little refresher. Splinter Cell was first released in 2002 and follows Sam Fisher, a former U.S. Navy Seal, who is a highly trained agent of a fictional black-ops sub-division within the NSA, dubbed “Third Echelon”.

Players take Sam on numerous missions that involve stealth based game play and military tactics. The anime series will inevitably revolve around the same story line, a story line that spawned six video game sequels along with a series of novels. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

It gets better!

Produced by John Wick writer

If that doesn’t get you excited for an action-packed anime series, maybe the attachment of writer Derek Kolstad will. Who’s that you ask? He wrote a recent neo-noir action-thriller movie franchise called John Wick and will be serving as writer and executive producer for the Splinter Cell anime series.

Netflix already has high expectations for the series as it has received a two-season, 16 episode order.

As for who will play Sam Fisher, we don’t have any information yet. Tom Hardy has long been attached to the movie adaptation of the game. But the project has been “in development” for years and has been deemed inactive. Who would you pick to play Sam?

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