Minecraft Maker Mojang Re-Brands Itself, New Games Incoming

The iconic game studio Mojang, mostly known for developing and publishing Minecraft, has re-branded itself. In a blogpost, the Swedish company revealed their new logo in a fun, self-aware trailer. And of course, the company is also working on new games. Check out the new identity of Mojang, not surprisingly called ‘Mojang Studios’.

Mojang Stuios

Mojang (which apparently means ‘gadget’ in Swedish) was founded in 2009 by legendary game developer Markus Persson in Stockholm, Sweden. Persson, widely known as Notch, originally named his company Mojang Specifications. It would later evolve into Mojang AB before becoming Mojang Studios now. The creator of Minecraft revolutionized games by introducing a new type of game, driven by the almost endless, procedurally generated world.


In the trailer, the company announces their new name with a nice touch of humorous self awareness. Because there are already multiple studios sailing under Mojang’s flag, the Minecraft maker jokingly says they had a “stroke of genius” by coming up with the fairly uninspired new name ‘Mojang Studios’.

New games

The trailer also confirms that Mojang Studios is working on new games, stating: “We’re planning a feature film, preparing an epic live show, and playing with ideas for brand new games.” Obviously, Mojang didn’t actually announce anything specific, but the line does suggest non-Minecraft games are incoming. But let’s be honest. As long as they keep making Minecraft better with updates like these, we’re more than satisfied. Anything in addition to that is purely an awesome bonus.

This year marks the 11th birthday for the open world, block-based, creative survival experience.

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