Riot Games has officially announced the release date for Valorant. Conversely that means that the closed beta of the competitive 5v5 shooter is coming to an end. In a short, initially bamboozling video, the company announces the full release of Valorant for June 2nd!

Release date on the horizon

In the Tweet seen below, Riot Games announces the official release date for Valorant. As of writing, in just 10 short days we will be able to try out the game for ourselves. In other words, we won’t need a randomized beta key anymore.

Though we’ve spoiled the conclusion of the video below, Riot Games did pull a sneaky on us. As the vlogging developer says: “We’ve been wanting to give you this game (…) but as it turns out, we’re not going to be launching this game in a few months.” If you listen closely, you can hear the hearts of millions of potential Valorant fans shatter. “Because we’re launching it in a few weeks,” exclaims the other developer after a brief pause. Cue badass Valorant theme.

Valorant beta ending

Although the upcoming release date is generally good news, it may hurt a little for gamers that are REALLY into playing Valorant. The current closed beta will end on May 28. That means Valorant addicts have to bridge 5 long days before they can jump in again. Obviously progress does not transfer from the beta to the official 1.0 release. However, players that have purchased Valorant Points during the beta, will receive the full amount plus 20% additional VP after the full release.

Platforms and regions

Valorant is a PC-only game and is free-to-play. As far as we know, the game will release in every region the beta is available in.

Image courtesy of @RiotGames

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