Apex Legends Finally Adds Duo’s, King’s Canyon Permanently

Apex Legends latest event titled ‘Old Ways’ is coming April 7th. And with the new event we are finally getting the long awaited Duo’s mode raved about by many in the Apex community.

Apex Legends’ duo’s mode has been long sought by the community since its first debut last fall. Also returning to the game is the original map King’s Canyon. And not just for a limited time! Thats right, Kings Canyon AND Duo’s are here to stay!

This new event comes at a great time while people are stuck inside due to Coronavirus, but not only that. Modern Warfare, and more particularly Call of Duty in general have dominated the hype recently, so the news about the Apex Legends duo’s mode and King’s Canyon being permanently added is sure to go over well in the community.

The Old Ways event runs from April 7th through the 21st. You’ll be able to check out the new town takeover game mode where you’ll battle prowlers (from Titanfall) that drop high-tier loot for you to fight over. More cosmetics will be available during the event as well.

One thing is for sure, during this time of staying home, its a great time to be a gamer! We can’t wait to dive into this update and hope to see some of you on the battlefield!

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