Apex Legends Developer Hints At Cross-Platform Plans

Apex Legends cross-platform play hype has gained some traction recently after Dusty Welch, Respawn COO and General Manager for Apex Legends said that crossplay is “an important thing to get to.”

We do know that crossplay has been in the works for quite some time now thank to an interview with Eurogamer early last year. And while we do not have a concrete date or time frame yet, these latest comments from Welch do reassure us that Apex Legends cross-platform is still in the works. Here’s what Welch had to say in a recent interview with Game Informer magazine:

I think on crossplay we see it’s something that is kind of expected in the industry and is important to a game like ours. Chad [Grenier, Apex Legends’ director] and I are obviously big fans of playing our game at work and in our free time – and we go home on a Friday or weekend and want to play with each other and we’re on different systems.On a personal level, yes, we’d love to do that and party up on the weekends. I think it’s an important thing to get to.

So while we may still be waiting for cross-platform to make it to Apex Legends, we still can take full advantage of the duo’s mode that was recently made available.

As we learn more information about Apex Legends cross-platform plans we will be sure to update you with the latest information.

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