Leaked Warzone Gameplay Confirms: Buy Killstreaks, Gulag 1v1, MW2 Maps

Update 03-10-2020: Activision has just announced Warzone officially. Read all about the two (!) new gamemodes and check out the trailer in this article.

While we’re all waiting for Modern Warfare’s recently officially teased battle royale mode called Warzone to come out, a YouTuber leaked captured gameplay. The video basically spills the beans on every little detail in the mode. Here’s the highlights of that video.

The leaked gameplay, narrated and captured by YouTuber Chaos, has gotten us really excited. There’s a lot to go over but first, we want to mention that we ussually don’t write about leaked stuff. We feel like it is ruining gaming. But seeing as this gameplay was likely captured at an official Activision event, we’re making an exception. Also, there’s just too much juicy stuff to go over.

Classic locations, trio’s

So what’s new for Modern Warfare’s Warzone? Well, while taking some basic mechanics from other titles (like the smoke trails from Apex and the armor mechanic from Battlefield V’s Firestorm), there’s a whole lot of ground to cover. For example, there will be 150 players in the huge map. Said map will feature many classic locations, both from Modern Warfare (2019) and previous titles in the CoD franchise. The video mentions Broadcast, Overgrown, Scrapyard, and Terminal as part of the map.

When you land, you immediately have a pistol. That seems like a small detail at first, but that’s actually quite big. Running around like a schmuck trying to find a gun and resorting to punching an enemy can be quite humiliating, not to mention ruin a game for the rest of your team. Speaking of which, there’s a solo, duo and trio mode confirmed. When one of your teammates goes down, he’ll start in a ‘downed but not out’ state. Getting damaged further will permanently kill him.

Gulag and buying killstreaks

Well, not permanently, actually. There’s two ways to get back into the game after you’ve died. When looting, there’s money – called ‘plunder’ – all over the place. With said currency you can buy killstreaks. There’s airstrikes, supplies, and revives. So your team can actually fight their way to a Buy Station (sprinkled across the map) and buy your way back into the game.

The second one is arguably more badass. When you die early in the game, you get thrown in to the gulag. These notorious Russian labor camps will function as a Darwinian revive chamber. You get pitted against another ‘dead’ player in a 1v1 (like in the 1v1 version of Gunfight). The winner of said fight gets to drop down into the game again. Moreover, when more players of a team get downed, they get to watch the brawl to the death and can throw rocks at the combatants to temporarily stun them.

Watch the whole video including gameplay below. Be advised that that this is a re-upload because the original video got deleted.

All in all Warzone seems to be a solid addition to the battle royale genre, with some unique features and mechanics sprinkled throughout to keep it fresh. We’ve got no official release date for the mode just yet, but we do know it’s going to be free to play. So you won’t need a copy of Modern Warfare to play Warzone. There might be some carry-over from the base game to Warzone in terms of cosmetics, but that has not been confirmed as of yet. We’re also still in the dark on how Activision plans on making money with this game mode. But according to many rumors, we don’t have to wait a whole lot longer as it is said to come out as soon as tomorrow, March 10th.

We’ll update you on the story as soon as we have any information. Stay tuned and get notified via our Facebook community.

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