Apex Legends Duos Return For Valentine’s Day Event

Apex Legends duos has been a long sought after game mode for the free to play battle royale game. In November of last year Respawn introduced the game mode and it was an instant success in the community. They are adding the game mode once again for a limited time as part of the Valentine’s Day Rendezvous event.

Here’s all of the cosmetic items available during the event:

  • Valentines 2020 Badge
  • “Lovefinder” Pathfinder charm
  • “Love Struck” Nessie charm
  • “Through the Heart” Longbow skin
  • “Love of the Game” Pathfinder frame

Apex Legend's Valentine's Day

Players have been asking for the mode since its first run and it looks like Apex Legends duos may be a recurring limited time mode that Respawn can pull out of their sleeve to rile up the fan base. Hopefully one day we will see a permanent return of the game mode. Until then we will have to squeeze as many games in as we can!

Season 4 seems to be off to a great start so far and we are looking forward to the second half of the season in roughly 6 weeks or so according to Respawn’s pre-season update last month. The Valentine’s Day Rendezvous event is set to last from February 11-18th.

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