Modern Warfare Teases Battle Royale In Season 2 Launch

As our Facebook community may have seen just now, Activision is teasing an upcoming Battle Royale mode for Modern Warfare. The trailer isn’t literally saying a battle royale is coming, but it features basically every BR stereotype there is. A trailer for Season 2 of Modern Warfare also graced the internet and a lot of new (and old) stuff is coming to the shooter today.

Battle Royale

Starting off with the BR trailer, the cinematic Modern Warfare shows two teams squaring off in a ravaged building. That is, until one of the soldiers says “gas is closing in, we need to exfil now.” Of course, Battle Royale games always use some sort of external threat to force players to fight in an ever shrinking arena. Fortnite uses a storm, Apex Legends uses a force field and Battlefield V Firestorm uses… welL, a firestorm obviously. It seems that Modern Warfare is going for a more realistic external force with a huge green gas cloud.

Later on in the video, we see a familiar character rappeling from the ceiling. He loots one of the fallen soldiers – another key element of the Battle Royale subgenre – and looks like a complete badass. We are talking about Lieutenant Simon Riley a.k.a. Ghost. This British operator was first introduced in CoD: Modern Warfare 2 and has been a regular in the extensive franchise.

The video ends with Ghost driving off in what appears to be a Humvee while stuff starts to explode. A huge carrier plane flies over the explosion while four soldiers parachute out of the aircraft in the process. Again, this is oddly reminiscent of Blackout from Black Ops 4; a squad of four jumping out of a plane and landing somewhere on the map.

Of course, this is just an interpretation of the trailer and technically this is all speculation. But come on, it seems pretty obvious that we are getting a BR mode for Modern Warfare right? The subgenre first got introduced in Black Ops 4. Activision would be crazy disregarding the popular mode for their most recent game.

What’s New in Season 2?

In the patch notes, the devs outline all the new stuff coming to the game for Season 2. Most importantly, Ghost is the new operator available for players to unlock. He’ll be using a few new weapons, being the Grau 5.56 assault rifle and the Striker 45 submachine gun.

Season 2 introduces two new maps. Or rather, one new map and one classic location. Rust was first introduced in Modern Warfare 2 and is now returning in the Modern Warfare reboot.  The map, among other classic maps, was leaked last year and this suggests more familiar locations will return. Rust is initially available in the 2v2 and 6v6 playlist.

Besides Rust, players are treated to a new map called Atlas Superstore. This larger location is featured in both the 6v6 and 10v10 playlists. Zhokov Boneyard is the new huge Ground War map and Gunfight fanatics can square off in the new map Bazaar.

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