Warzone Players And Choppers Are Turning Invisible Once Again

Two new Warzone bugs seem to turn players and helicopters invisible once again. It’s a persistent problem within Activision’s free-to-play battle royale.

As far as fixes go, developer Raven Software only appears to be working on the helicopter issues so far (spotted by CharlieIntel).

Warzone operators and choppers turn invisible

As of writing, there are multiple accounts of players dying to seemingly invisible enemies in Warzone. As seen in the Reddit post below, players receive damage out of nowhere.

From the killer’s perspective, it looks like a normal firefight though. It’s unclear how exactly players become invisible, but they don’t seem to realize it themselves. While it’s impossible to rule out nefarious intentions entirely, it does seem to be a game-related issue, not the abuse of glitches or hacks.

Invisible players are showing up again in Verdansk again. Skin superior to Roze. You can’t even see the gunshots fire… from CODWarzone

The same goes for invisible choppers in Warzone. Specifically, the recently added mini gun helicopters turn invisible under certain circumstances. Raven Software is aware of this specific issue, as they’ve stated in their public Trello board.

In fact, the devs removed the mini gun variant from the game until further notice. While annoying, it’s certainly not as bad as last year, when all vehicles were removed because of a glitch.

It’s unclear if a fix for player invisibility is underway too, though it’s hard to imagine that the developer isn’t addressing that issue as well.

As for now, there doesn’t seem to be a workaround or fix for the problem. Just know that when you dunk on an enemy and it seemed too easy of a kill, it probably was!

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