Halo Infinite Delayed Until 2021 Says 343 Industries

Halo Infinite has been delayed to 2021. In a tweet, the head of 343 Industries cites multiple factors that have contributed to the decision to delay the game including COVID-19. Although it is understandable that the developer has been affected just as other games have been, it is an interesting move following the public response to the graphics shown at the Xbox Games Showcase.

Even though waiting another year for Halo Infinite is not the greatest news we would like to hear in a year full of game delays, it is probably the best move for the franchise.

Halo Infinite will be worth the wait

Halo remains one of the keystone franchises left for Xbox. And although many were unhappy with the reveal last month, many others have expressed their excitement for the next installment to the Halo franchise. And rightly so, the story picks up the saga of Master Chief and re-introduces The Banished into the story in what seems like a multi-faceted conflict sure to give players a very intriguing game play.

In an interview with Inside Gaming, Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg said that fans shouldn’t worry about the finished product of Halo Infinite. Take a look.

“Trust us, when you play it this holiday it’s going to be a visual showcase for Xbox Series X. The team at 343 Industries, with what they’ve done with the Slipspace Engine, there should be no worries about that.”

And as we now know, the quality should be that much higher given the extra time added to the development of the game.

Not a surprise

We welcome the delay in hopes that the game will be polished and give players exactly that feeling they are looking for with a return to the Halo franchise. But we can’t say that we didn’t see this coming. Last months reveal was sub-par to many Xbox fans.

When you look at the reveal trailer, which was supposedly from months before the reveal, and couple that with the fact that the original release date was for the 2020 Holiday season; you can understand that it’s in 343 Industries best interest for Halo Infinite to be delayed until next year. Not to mention the fact that 343 Industries lost a head developer last year. We have had our concerns for a while now. But hopefully this delay will put the game on the road to success.

With that said, they haven’t given any information on how far into 2021 we will have to wait. As more information surfaces about a specific release date for Halo Infinite we will be sure to update our readers. Until then, we will be on the lookout for more info.

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