Still No Update On Dr Disrespect’s Mysterious Ban From Twitch

Twitch mainstay Dr Disrespect was recently permanently banned from the streaming platform. And not even he knows why. In a tweet, the streamer tells his fans (the Champions Club) that he hasn’t been notified why the ban happened. But it is quite clear that something fishy is going on. Meanwhile, the rumor mill is in overdrive. Here’s what we know (and don’t know) about Dr Disrespect being banned from Twitch.

Dr Disrespect allegedly left in the dark

Dr Disrespect was without a doubt one of the biggest and most controversial Twitch stars before he was abruptly banned from the platform. The news of the high profile streamer leaving Twitch started to break on the 26th of June. After a few days, Dr Disrespect broke the silence with the following Tweet, stating that he wasn’t notified as to why he was banned.

The Tweet is somewhat suspicious, seeing as you would probably post it right away if it were true. The delay of well over two days suggests Dr Disrespect himself knows what’s going on. But it would also be in line with Twitch’ MO of not really explaining why they make certain decisions. Apparently, multiple other banned streamers have never received a formal reason for they dismissal.

Eerie final minutes

Whatever the reason, it looks like Dr Disrespect was notified of the impending ban while streaming. Seen in the video below, the final few minutes of his last stream on Twitch are quite strange. At the 1:57 mark he seems to receive a text message. After reading it, his demeanor completely changes. Clearly he received some bad news; allegedly a message from a Twitch-insider, warning him that he’s going to be banned. Doc tries to keep his composure and attempts to continue his stream normally.

But after some incoherent chit chat, at the 5 minute mark Dr Disrespect starts playing a gameplay video while staying completely silent himself. Finally, at 7:38 he breaks the silence with what we now know are his final words. He mutters: “I appreciate everyone watching today. We’ll get… We’ll get through this, Champions Club.” He starts stammering before continuing: “I know it’s a tough… Life’s weird right now. We’ll.. We’ll get through this, okay?” He exclaims “f*ck” before ending the stream abruptly.

Dr Disrespect Twitch ban fuels conspiracy theories

Again, we don’t know why Dr Disrespect got banned and according to the streamer, neither does he. Conspiracy theories are popping up everywhere though. Some say he was banned because he cheated on his wife. That doesn’t really sound like a bannable offense, however unethical it is.

Others suggest he was soliciting other streamers to join a streaming platform that he was creating called Brime. Twitch was allegedly tipped off by one such streamer and subsequently banned Dr Disrespect for it. Real tinfoil hat type people even proclaim he’s under a federal investigation by the FBI. Many insiders are suggesting something very serious is going on, but no one feels they can say why. All pretty strange, right?

The most solid information we have thusfar is provided by Twitch and even that is pretty vague. In a statement to Engadget, the platform explains that the ban of Dr Disrespect was based on a violation of Twitch’ Terms of Service. Which part of the guidelines and/or Terms of Service, is not disclosed.

As is our process, we take appropriate action when we have evidence that a streamer has acted in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. These apply to all streamers regardless of status or prominence in the community.

Whatever the reason, Dr Disrespect’s last word on Twitch is “f*ck'”. And we’re sure many fans feel the same. Still, the streamer has been at the center of controversy regularly. As a stereotype toxic gamer as his alter ego, he often makes racist, toxic, or otherwise controversial remarks for the sake of comedy. We’ll keep you updated if that indeed got him banned for Twitch for good.

Image credit: G Fuel

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