Halo 2: Anniversary Release Coming To PC Next Week

Microsoft has announced the scheduled release of Halo 2: Anniversary as part of the Master Chief Collection for PC. The classic FPS will be available on Steam as well as the Xbox Game Pass for PC starting May 12th.

Fans of the franchise have been expecting the release since the announcement of the public testing, which ran earlier last month. But even more recent, Xbox Game Pass for PC teased some sort of Halo related announcement yesterday in a tweet to popular streamer Ninja. And now we have the official announcement.

Also released with the announcement is a video from the Halo YouTube channel that offers only a short glimpse into Halo 2 for PC. In the video Cortana can be heard talking about Regret, which is most likely in reference to parts of the story (Prophet of Regret).

With the remake players will be able to enjoy the enhanced cutscenes, new cinematics, and remastered audio. And if your PC is up to it you can even crank up the graphics to ultra and relish Halo 2 in 4K. Widescreen dimensions have also been included in the Halo 2 PC release. But if you want to relive the masterpiece in its original glory, you’ll be able to switch between Anniversary or original graphics.

While its definitely hard to contain our excitement for the release next week, we are also worried about what kind of bugs this latest release will come with. Obviously we’re aware that most new releases have a period of time early on that bugs pop up. But as we reported last year, Halo: Reach was almost unplayable on PC due to severe audio bugs. Let’s hope most of these kinks got worked out during the public testing phase. Either way, we can’t wait to tap into the nostalgia.

If you haven’t had a chance to get your hands on Halo, this is absolutely one release that we can recommend. Great story, great gameplay, and one of the best gaming experiences that Xbox has to offer.

Image credit: Xbox

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