DICE Drops All Other Games, Focuses On New Battlefield For 2021

The last week has been pretty bizarre for DICE. The company announced last week that there was only going to be one more content update for Battlefield V, coming this June. This contradicts earlier promises of continuing the development of Battlefield V as a live service game through 2021. Now, the Swedish developer also has also stated that they are wrapping up the support for Star Wars: Battlefront II, effectively dropping all current projects. But there’s a silver lining to this: the next Battlefield is confirmed for 2021!

All major titles dropped

DICE recently announced that Battlefield V’s live service was being terminated come June. The same happened to Star Wars: Battlefront II today. In a blogpost, the developer states: “After 2+ years of free content the vision for Star Wars: Battlefront II is now complete.” According to the company the controversial Star Wars-epic received a whopping 25 content updates. The final update revolves around the battle of Scarif (trailer below).

We’ve got no word on whether the company plans on continuing the Star Wars: Battlefront game franchise. It’s future is, as of yet, unclear.

Battlefield is the headliner

With the two main titles in DICE’s portfolio now winding down, the company has undoubtedly shifted their focus to the next Battlefield. There’s isn’t any concrete information about the setting of the next game in the popular shooter franchise. Here at Game Enthusiast we’ve been speculating about a new (modern day) Battlefield to counter Modern Warfare’s huge succes. Or maybe a sequel to the much beloved Bad Company-series? DICE would definitely benefit from a solid entry in the franchise.

Many fans complain about Battlefield V not feeling like Battlefield. Especially since the most recent content update, shifting the game from Europe to the Pacific theater of war. Still, Battlefield V is a fairly controversial game and so was Battlefield 1’s WWI setting. A Battlefield game in a modern setting is probable, though no indication has been given by DICE yet.

Release moved up to 2021

Whatever DICE is doing with the next Battlefield, their entire team is now available for it’s development. The company confirms in a statement to Eurogamer that their game is slated for a 2021 release. Initially DICE planned the game for a 2021, early 2022 release. So they just knocked at least a couple months off the waiting time!

As soon as new information about the next Battlefield arises, we will let you know here on Game Enthusiast.

Image courtesy of EA/DICE

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  1. They will crash and burn again. BF 4 was the only game I play because of the crap turned out by Dice and EA. They need to pick about 50 gammers at random and fly them to Dice HQ to find out what we want from BF. That would save them a lot of headaches.

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