Fortnite Community Quest Shows Players Aren’t Very Cooperative

Epic Games recently launched a Fortnite community quest for the Thanksgiving weekend called Autumn Queen’s Quest. Things like reviving teammates and squadding up with friends ads to the community tally. But seeing as the community points racked up aren’t even close to a quarter of the required amount, one can’t help but generalize Fortnite players as a bunch of lone wolfs.

The Autumn Queen’s Quest is a community quest that rewards every player with the unique Animated Fallen Leaf Wrap. That is, only if the community reaches 2.5 billion community points before the quest ends on Sunday, December 1st at 8:00PM (E.T.). And with Chapter 2 updates coming in quite slowly, this may be the closest thing to ‘new content’ players get for now.

But as of writing this article, the official points tracker reveals that only 520,000,000 points have been earned while the quest has been live for over 1.5 days. With less than 2.5 days to go, the Autumn Queen is slowly starting to get anxious. There are three ways players of the wildly popular battle royale game can earn community points:

  • 1 point is awarded for healing an ally with the Bandage Bazooka
  • 2 points are awarded for reviving a downed teammate
  • 5 points are awarded for playing a match with a friend

With hundreds of millions of registered players and tens of millions of concurrent players, you’d expect the quest to be a piece of cake. But while the stereotype of a 10-year old kid playing Fortnite might be nonsense, the quest suggests something far worse; that Fortnite players are not that cooperative.

Without expressing too much of a bias, a game like Battlefield V features more ‘successful’ community quests. Those are always easily beaten. Admittedly, even if DICE aimed for a billion community points, Battlefield players wouldn’t stand a chance, let alone with a goal of 2.5 billion. But one thing that the BF community is always encouraged to do is cooperate. In fact, the entire soldier class system is built around cooperating and players are always rewarded a significant amounts of points for doing specialized tasks.

Unless you are playing Fortnite with your actual friends that are yelling obscenities through their mic, cooperative acts like reviving a teammate or healing them aren’t really encouraged through gameplay mechanics. And that becomes painfully obvious when the entire community needs to cooperate but the points just aren’t flowing in as fast as they should.

On the bright side though, the Fortnite community still has well over 2 days to complete the collective quest. And to be fair, yesterday was a national holiday in the US and the weekend is coming up so the amount of players will undoubtedly rise significantly.

We’re sure that the event entices even the lone wolfest of lone wolves to find it in their heart to revive a teammate every once in a while. If so, players that played a match between the start and end of the event will be rewarded with the Animated Leaf Wrap on December 6th. You have until December 1st, 8:00PM Eastern Standard Time so get reviving!

Image credit: EpicGames

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