Fortnite Sets New Record With Travis Scott Concert Event

According to reports from earlier this year, Fortnite’s popularity is slowly dying out. A new event, much like the The End event, contradicts that statement though. Yesterday’s Travis Scott concert drew in a record amount of concurrent players. The previous record was also set by another in-game concert.

Travis Scott Fortnite tour

American rapper Travis Scott took to Fortnite to launch his Astronomical concert yesterday. Both he and the audience were (in his case literally) gigantic. According to Fortnite’s Twitter page, the event broke the concurrent player record. With 12.3 million gamers participating in the event, Scott broke the concurrent player record by over 1.5 million players. Besides players attending the concert, millions of people also watched livestreams of the show on YouTube, Twitch and Mixr.

The previous record was held by another in-game concert. In Febuary of 2019, DJ Marshmello brought in 10.7 million players. The current concurrent player record (outside of big events) was set on February 16th earlier this year. 7.6 million were actually playing Fortnite at the same time then. Last Thursday, they were just gawking at this hug rapper while flying through space and time.

More Travis Scott incoming

If you’ve missed the Travis Scott concert, we highly recommend checking it out. Whether you’re a Fortnite player, a Scott fan or like psychedelic, cosmic space trips, this one is for you. There will be multiple encore concerts this weekend. Check the full schedule below:

  • April 24 — 10 a.m. EDT
  • April 25 — 12 a.m. EDT
  • April 25 — 11 a.m. EDT
  • April 25 — 6 p.m. EDT

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