Fortnite: Galactus Event Breaks Their Previous Player Record

With the most recent Galactus live event, Fortnite has broken its previous player record with 15.3 million concurrent players! That doesn’t even include the 3.4 million watching on Youtube and Twitch. This proves that the free-to-play battle royale is certainly not waning in popularity just yet!

Fortnite shatters player record

It was almost inevitable that something epic was going to have to happen to top this season off. After all the game had a strong Marvel theme throughout the season. This event had been discussed back in August at the beginning of season 4; during battle royale matches Galactus’ face was visible in the background, slowly getting closer every day.

Galactus is one of the biggest bad guys in all of Marvel (quite literally), so it seems like the folks at Epic Games decided they really needed a grand finale to the fourth season of the game. And they succeeded big time. The 15.3 million concurrent player record shatters the previous one by 3 million! Travis Scott used to hold the record of 12.3 concurrent players, but now Galactus is in charge!

What Happened?

You can catch all of the action on Youtube, thanks to many of the Fortnite streamers that make a living by playing the game. In summary it seems like it was a bit of a wild ride. The event started quietly, as players were gatahering and loading in. Most players found themselves on the Heli-Carrier without weapons just milling around. This even prompted Epic to make a statement on Twitter to soothe impatient fans.

Flying the Battle Bus

The actual event kicked off very suddenly with Galactus exclaiming “beware, I hunger!” before quickly swatting the Heli-Carrier out of the sky. This forced Iron Man to save the players from falling to their deaths. Before long the players were in charge of piloting their own Battle Buses, firing explosives into Galactus until he eventually exploded.

What’s next?

Following the explosion of Galactus, Jonesy (one of the main characters of Fortnite) was seen lying on the floor of an office. This has led up to the teaser trailer for season 5 (chapter 2) of Fortnite, which has already kicked off with a bang!

This is the latest of many crazy season endings for Fortnite, including giant Kaiju battles, a record breaking Travis Scott concert and of course the much publicized cut to black.

Image credit: Epic Games / Marvel

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