March Mashup 2020, Round 3—Vote For Your Favorite Video Game Character

Who’s your favorite video game character? As we announced last month, we are hoping to find out who the community thinks is the best video game character. We devised a list of 32 of the most popular video game characters from four different genres; ShootersRPG’sAction/Adventure, and Legends. We then matched those characters up against each other so you can vote on your favorite characters. There were 16 match ups in this first round, and there’s now 4 match ups left. Over the month of March we will be narrowing down the votes so we can figure out who is the gaming community’s favorite video game character.

Round 2 results saw a few unsuspected upsets! Ezio beat Lara Croft, Kratos beat Solid Snake, Batman beat Link, the list goes on! Be sure to vote below for Round 3. Hit “Continue” to move on to the next matchup. Thanks for voting! See you next time for the results!

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