King’s Canyon Returning To Apex Legends, This Weekend Only

Apex Legends announced yesterday that the original map King’s Canyon would be playable for a short four day period starting today and ending Monday, February 24th.

King’s Canyon is finally back

The return to the original map is something that players have been asking about since the launch of the current map, World’s Edge. World’s Edge is an equally entertaining map, especially with the recent changes from the launch of Season 4 earlier this month. But nonetheless, players have still wanted the option to choose which map they want to play on. And it seems that Respawn is toying with the idea of doing just that. For the next four days, players will be able to select King’s Canyon as their map of choice to play on.

Hopefully Respawn sees a positive turnout on the decision to add Kings Canyon as a choice and decides to keep the option permanently. Respawn has been using the Limited Time Mode’s as a sort of testing grounds for different game styles and community driven concepts such as the recent duo’s mode that launched last week as part of Apex Legend’s Valentines Rendezvous.

While we may be only seeing the map for a short period of time, there is an interesting concept of how the new characters who launched after the switch to World’s Edge will change the meta of the game on a map so familiar to veteran Apex players. Of course the fundamentals of the game remain the same, but will there be some unforeseen benefit to using characters such as Revenant with his Death Totem, or Crypto and his Drone EMP? We will have to see.

One thing is for sure, we will be getting plenty of games in on King’s Canyon and hope that the option is here to stay at some point in the future.

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