Top Ten Funniest Simulator Games Of All Time

While many games take us to fantastical lands, give us magical powers and tell gripping stories, sometimes you just want to simulate something simple, like say, being a slice of bread. There’s no other medium out there that can transform us into weird things and let us do even crazier stuff quite as well as video games. This list celebrates the wacky nature of some simulators with the top 10 funniest simulator games out there.

Bee Simulator

Our first entry is as funny as it is cute. In Bee Simulator you take control of a bee and do what bees do–buzz around. You’ll gather nectar, fight off wasps and explore a realistically scaled New York City Central Park. Contrary to most games on this list, Bee Simulator is a fairly relaxing, therapeutic game. And as a bonus, you get to learn a lot about bees!

Goat Simulator

If for some weird reason you’ve always wanted to be a goat, then Goat Simulator is perfect for you. The game enjoyed insane hype during it’s release, coinciding with the huge popularity of YouTubers like PewDiePie. Today, the hilarious physics based game full of silly references, weird gameplay mechanics and nonsensical objectives. You can pick up a copy for a couple of bucks. And if you’re done with the sandbox experience, the game also features a diverse set of DLC, including a DayZ-spoof, a fantasy RPG and a PAYDAY spin-off.

Surgeon Simulator

If there was any inclination whether you would make a good surgeon, Surgeon Simulator is an option to try without actually killing anyone. Like many other titles on this list, Surgeon Simulator gives you deliberately clunky controls and a very high margin of error. Replacing someone’s brain requires you to hack open their skull and cut out the brain. Not an easy task to begin with, but especially difficult when you have to control each one of your doctor’s fingers individually while your patient is rapidly bleeding to death. Hilariously stressful and deliberately clunky, Surgeon Simulator really is one of a kind.


In Octodad you’ll take on the role of a dad who happens to be an octopus. Somehow, no one really  notices that you’re a cephalopod in a human world. But keeping your true identity a secret is the least of your problems. As Octodad you’ll have to do menial jobs like cleaning the house, mowing the lawn or go grocery shopping. Your clumsy tentacles will make those seemingly easy tasks a living nightmare. Equal parts frustrating and funny, Octodad is the greatest test of patience and dexterity in any octopus-led game (and probably the only one as well).

Hatoful Boyfriend

A regular dating simulator would be funny enough to make it on this list, but in Hatoful Boyfriend, you will be dating pigeons… Yup, pigeons. As the only human student at a prestigious school for birds you’ll be dating all types of aviary animals. Of course, courting a pigeon is not easy and you’ll have to play your cards very carefully if you want to become the most sought after date in school.

The Sims (franchise)

Though not a typical indie simulator like you’re used to by now, but The Sims is essentially the biggest ‘real life’ simulator there is. While managing your own character or family can be both funny and tragic, The Sims lends itself to some hilarious situations. I mean, we’ve all done some diabolical stuff to our Sims right? And when your character is two days late for work because they’ve built an (apparently impenetrable) wall of dirty dishes, it becomes clear why The Sims has to be on this list.

Robot Vacuum Simulator X

Robot Vacuum Simulator X prides itself as being “the most realistic robotic vacuum cleaning simulator ever made” and they’re probably right. A sequel to 2013’s Robot Vacuum Simulator, the epic saga of controlling a (ironically autonomous) vacuum cleaner continues. And if you’re feeling competitive, you can also locally compete against your friends to prove once and for all who is the best robot vacuum cleaner.

I Am Bread

I Am Bread is definitely one of the weirder simulator games on this list for it’s wacky premise: you’re bread. That’s about the gist of it. As bread, you’ll maneuver yourself through kitchens, bathrooms and even space. Spend your time looking for the perfect toppings or trying to get toasted. Entirely physics based, I Am Bread is both clumsy in it’s controls and therefore funny to watch. And whether you’re in it to make the perfect sandwich, or just wreak havoc as a sentient slice of break, I Am Bread has got you covered.

Viscera Cleanup Detail

While cleaning is hardly anyone’s favorite thing to do, Viscera Cleanup Detail makes it a lot of fun. Partly because of the silly cleaning mechanics (best enjoyed with friends in co-op), and party because you’re cleaning up the most brutal murder scenes ever. The game strikes a balance between gory and silly, brutal and hilarious. And we can almost guarantee you, that cleaning has never been more fun than this.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Lastly today, we’ll take a loot at Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. For this one, you’ll need a VR headset and some nerves of steel. While the person in VR is holding a bomb that is about to explode, the other person(s) in the room will have to guide you through the diffusion process. Both clever in it’s communication-heavy puzzle design and unique in it’s premise, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a hilarious party game where everyone participates and quite probably makes it a lot worse in the process.

Well there it is! That’s our list of the Top Ten Funniest Simulator Games. If you have another funny simulator that we missed, let us know in the comments below or let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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