Apex Legends Charge Rifle Nerf Coming Soon

Season 3 of the wildly popular battle royale Apex Legends has brought many new changes to the game. From a new map to a new character Crypto, the Charge Rifle, players have had plenty new content to experience and create in the free to play battle royale.

Many players have complained that the Charge Rifle is extremely overpowered, dealing up to 90 damage in one shot. Respawn seems to agree and has scheduled a “Charge Rifle weapon balance” on their public Trello board.

A note on the board reads “Current Charge Rifle balance is not where it should be. Changes incoming.” While this could technically mean that the charge rifle is getting a buff, it seems highly unlikely based on the already high damage per shot.

No news of an official statement has been released but we will be sure to update everyone once we have an official announcement.