New James Bond Game Being Developed By Studio Behind Hitman Series

The studio behind the huge franchise ‘Hitman’, IO Interactive, announced that they are working on a brand new James Bond game. The new game, named ‘Project 007’ is an obviously huge announcement.

Not only have some of us been waiting for a Goldeneye 007 remake for literally decades; but the fact that a studio that has worked on a game right up that alley is definitely exciting.

There’s not any specific release date, or any other information for that matter. More news is sure to surface in the coming months. Take a look.

Project 007 Teaser Trailer

The news of the announcement came from the IO Interactive website which included a teaser trailer. The site also says that the game will include a “wholly original Bond story” and that this game is “the very first James Bond origin story.”

A new James Bond game?

The James Bond franchise has quite a lengthy past with the video game industry, most notably was the huge hit, Goldeneye 007, a game for the Nintendo 64. And while this may not be an exact replica of Goldeneye 007 from the N64 days, it could be the same concept.

Of course, as many of us know today’s gaming climate is a tall order for any AAA game. They have to look amazing, they have to be balanced, they have to be good—overall. So we obviously need more than Goldeneye with new graphics. But we may see some pretty obvious nods to the classic gem from my childhood but with more developed and modernized concepts.

With the gaming industry’s obsession for remastering games, we’ve seen multiple childhood nostalgia-bombs dropped. Especially with remasters and other continuations of trailblazing games such as the remastered Halo series or the announcement of new Crash Bandicoot earlier this year.

Could it be a continuation of Goldeneye?

Ok, hear me out! In August, the indie-project ‘Goldeneye 25‘ was served a cease-and-desist letter for their fan made version of Goldeneye. Now this is just a personal thought…But could IO Interactive seen that and seen an opportunity to make some big bucks with MGM and Danjaq (the owners of James Bond)?

It’s not outside the realm of possibility that we could see some sort of continuation of a Goldeneye-like game. High stakes free for all’s, nail biting espionage missions—I’m getting ahead of myself. After all this is purely speculation and fantasizing on my part. But who better than IO to give us an amazing game. We will see what they come up with!

As more news is revealed about the new James Bond game we will be sure to report it.

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