Sony Apologizes For PS5 Pre-Order Debacle, Promises More Consoles

If you tried to pre-order a PlayStation 5, chances are you had a bad time. Sony admits they botched the pre-order period for their upcoming console, and it’s not hard to see why. Apparently, many retailers made pre-ordering a PS5 possible before the agreed upon date. Whatever the case, Sony promises to do better and get more consoles out.

PlayStation 5 Pre-Order Debacle

PlayStation dominates the console market for a while now. Whether you think the DualSense controller makes the PlayStation 5 a better buy or not, it’s almost certainly going to perform better (in terms of sales) than the Xbox Series X. So it’s quite silly the pre-ordering period wasn’t managed properly.

And Sony would agree with that statement. As seen in the tweet below, Sony admits they could’ve done better, stating the pre-orders weren’t going smoothly.

More consoles incoming

Moreover, Sony vouches that more PlayStation 5 consoles will be available to pre-order ‘over the next few days’. It’s unclear why there weren’t enough consoles in the first place. Though a concerning report from Bloomberg may give us the answer.

According to the medium, which cites insiders as a source, Sony is reducing the amount of produced PlayStation 5’s by over a third. Supposedly, problems with a specific, custom made chip thwart the Japanese company from producing 11 million units this year.

Whatever the underlying reason, getting your pre-order in might prove difficult the coming months.

The Sony PlayStation 5 is available for pre-order at select retailers, provided they still have ones to sell. As of yet, the console will come out on November 12th, two days after the Xbox Series X and S.

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