Battlefield V Is Free Right Now – Here’s How and When to Play

Battlefield V is having a free month right now and players can enjoy the World War II based shooter by DICE for free. Or rather, a month of free weekends where everyone with a (good enough) PC and Origin installed can play the game for free. Here’s how and when you can play Battlefield V through the month of October.

Starting October 10th through to the 27th PC-gamers can enjoy the fifth installment of the main Battlefield franchise. Starting Thursdays every week, the free trial period starts and ends every Sunday. So with a bit of dedication, you’ll have the best guns and coolest skins before the month is over.

And talking about progression, you’ll be carrying your earned weapons and stats over to the main game if you decide to purchase a copy of Battlefield V. Depending on which day you are playing, there will be different modes available to try out.

Below you’ll find a summary of which modes you can try out per weekend:

Weekend 1 (October 10 – 13) – Rush:
The classic Battlefield mode where one team attacks and one team defends a series of objectives on an ever changing battlefield.

Weekend 2 (October 17 – 20) – Infantry-Focused Conquest:
Slightly smaller maps with a multitude of capture points force infantry to fight smaller, more tactical battles.

Weekend 3 (October 24 – 27) – Grand Operations:
This all out war spans multiple rounds, with each one of the stages of Grand Operations taking place in a new environment and with different game modes. Modes like Airborne, Frontlines, Breakthrough, and Final Stand will all be played during a multi-round game of Grand Operations.

Because DICE and Electronic Arts are apparently very eager to attract new players to the almost one year-old shooter, the PC-version of Battlefield V is now available with a solid discount. The regular edition of the game will set you back $19.99 while the Deluxe Edition costs just $23.99. The game has also been vaulted so a subscription to Origin Access (Basic and Premium) will also give you unlimited access to Battlefield V.

So just head on over to the Origin application and on the Battlefield V page, you’ll find a big ‘Try Free Now’ button and you’ll be able to test the game out for the upcoming weeks.