PlayStation 5 DualSense Adaptive Triggers Allegedly Breaking Already

Some PlayStation 5 users are allegedly seeing their DualSense adaptive triggers breaking. As one of the main selling points of Sony’s console, it must be quite a bummer seeing them break already. Here’s what we know about the faulty adaptive triggers.

Playstation 5 Dualsense adaptive triggers are breaking

Many gamers may have gotten a PlayStation 5 for Christmas. Imagine the disappointment when they read reports of the adaptive triggers already breaking after less than a month after release.

There are a few separate reports of users busting one of the DualSense triggers. One of the first reports surfaced shortly after the console released. After a few weeks, a few more gamers complained about similar breakages. The latter felt the tension of the right adaptive trigger suddenly release. Now, it’s no longer adaptive, but a regular old trigger.

As of writing, we have no way to verify if the reports are in fact real. After all, the Xbox Series X release saw people faking it catching on fire too. Still, it’s quite likely a real problem because of how the system is designed.

The possible cause

As this YouTube video shows in detail, the trigger mechanism is quite simple. A spiral connected to a lever determines how hard the player has to push the trigger, giving them haptic feedback in the process. A tiny metal spring is supposed to push the trigger back to it’s original position.

But as you can imagine, that spring has to endure a lot of force from two sides. The player is pushing trying to get a juicy kill, while the spiral, motorized mechanism is pushing back to simulate, say, a firing machine gun. So apparently said spring can succumb under the pressure.


As a silver lining, the linked YouTube video proves it’s also quite simple to repair. The spring itself is fairly easy to reach and replace, after some basic disassembly. Besides, the whole trigger mechanism is also modular, which means it can be easily exchanged.

Hopefully these are just a few unlucky players, either getting their hands on a faulty PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, or pressing the adaptive triggers so vigorously, they could’ve snapped the controller in half just as easily.

Via: HotHardware

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