Modern Warfare Update Adds Crossbow & More Loadout Slots

The latest Modern Warfare update adds a Crossbow, 5 additional loadout slots, many fixes for minor bugs plus much more.  Community manager Ashton Williams notified the community yesterday that the update will be rolling out today. We reported early this month that additional loadout slots could be added in an upcoming update and this most recent update confirms those reports.

  • The update is now live for all platforms. Here are the space requirements for the update for all platforms.
  • PC: 48GB

    Xbox: 27GB
    PS4: 25GB

Extra loadout slots have been something the community has been asking for for months now. Since Modern Warfare did not follow the Prestige leveling model as in previous Call of Duty’s, the additional slots will be a welcomed replacement. Players will now be able to have much more flexibility with their class selection. And players can be sure to set up a sick Crossbow class as one of their ten loadouts.

The Crossbow will be the the third weapon that’s been added to Modern Warfare since the game’s launch following the Holger-26 and RAM-7.

The extra loadout slots as well as the Crossbow will be free to all players on all platforms. However, unlike the previously released weapons, players will be able to unlock the Crossbow by completing an in-game challenge, instead of leveling up ones Battle Pass.

For a complete list of all the changes, find the full patch notes here.

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