Next BioShock Game Announced, Developed By New Studio

A new BioShock game is officially in the works! Take-Two Interactive announced that their subsidiary 2K Games has opened the doors to a new studio called Cloud Chamber Studios. That means the rumors were true, but you shouldn’t hold your breath for the 4th game in the franchise.

The next BioShock is being developed by newly formed studio Cloud Chamber. The company under 2K’s flag has apparently just started working on the title as the game will be “in development for the next several years.” That means a new current-gen BioShock is not happening. Although no platforms were announced, it is safe to assume that the next-gen PlayStation and Xbox will feature the next installment.

Not much else is known about 2K’s acclaimed shooter series. For example, we have no idea as to where the game will take place. In BioShock 1 and 2 we’ve had thematic adventures in Rapture, the massive underwater city. BioShock Infinite took place in Columbia, the giant floating city.

By that logic another story driven shooter experience in the sky would make sense. Cloud Chamber’s name certainly suggests another installment in the sky. On the other hand, after water and wind, we’ve got two more elements to pick from: earth and fire. The multiple universes connected in BioShock Infinite could certainly explain more similarly themed stories.

cloud chamber
Image credit: BusinessWire

In an interview with newly appointed Cloud Chamber studio head Kelley Gilmore (via GamesRadar), she assures BioShock fans that the next installment will be great as always.

We’re excited to have some BioShock DNA in our roots. Several members of our team played key roles in other BioShock titles and are now leading development at Cloud Chamber, including Hoagy de la Plante (Creative Director), Scott Sinclair (Art Director) and Jonathan Pelling (Design Director). Our team also has game development veterans from high profile franchises like Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Star Wars, Battlefield and Walking Dead.

Image credit: 2K Games

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